Air Conditioning and Heating Service, Repair, and Maintenance in Visalia and Tulare Counties

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Cooler on the Fritz

When the weather channel predicts 110°, the last thing we want to hear is our air conditioning unit growl to a halt right before peak afternoon heat. Whether your unit is not cooling your home or is not maintaining a consistent temperature, issues with our cooling systems have a tendency to occur right when we need them most. That’s why Canby’s provides efficient diagnostics, repair, and maintenance services you need to survive the summer’s hottest months.

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Your Local Experts

Troubleshooting a defective air conditioning or heating system can be a headache. Your unit is likely difficult to reach, easy to harm, and more complicated to calibrate than YouTube videos would imply. 

We get to the source of the problem quickly and keep you safe, save you the hassle, and prevent accidental damage.

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You Can Trust Visalia and Tulare Counties' Local Experts

Planned Services Agreements

Keep your residential or commercial cooling and heating systems working year-round with our customized maintenance service agreements. You can save money in the long-term with one of our plans which schedules regular maintenance and check-ups.

This option gives you the peace of mind that your system is always ready to handle Central California’s harsh elements. Call us for a free estimate or an onsite inspection today.

Air Duct Leak Intervention

Air leaks in ducting are a lot more common than you might think. For decades, construction companies installed systems that were ill-suited to Central California’s summers which results in weak and easily damaged ducting, higher operating costs, and inconsistent temperatures throughout your space.

That’s why we specialize in inspecting existing ducting to check for leaks, seal problem areas, and enlarge duct lines for proper air flow. We also add volume dampers in your duct runs to ensure the best possible cooling and to save you energy costs.

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